Photog Life July 2017 Featured Photographer ~ Jaymi Tillman

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Photog Life July 2017 Featured Photographer ~ Jaymi Tillman


This month's featured photographer is Jaymi Tillman. 
He is 34 years old, married for 16 beautiful years and they have two wonderful children, a 10 and a 7 yr old.

Here is a little about Jaymi!
Currently My day job I am a maintenance technician and I fix the things that people break. I have a German shepherd named Riley and I love cars. I tend to doubt my work way more than I should and I love to shoot fashion oriented stuff but also love to put an editorial spin on wedding and senior work too.

"Why am I a photographer?" It allows me creative freedom of expression to show the world how I see things that they may miss or just shrug off because they don't immediately see the beauty in it. And when you change a persons mind about how they see themselves and make them have their confidence back and reassure them that they do matter and that they are beautiful is just an amazing part of this job.

Here are few reasons why Jaymi is this month's featured photographer. 

Jaymi is truly a master at his craft and we are so happy to have him as this month's featured photographer. Be sure to follow Jaymi on FB and IG.



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