Photog Life January Featured Photographer ~ Stephanie Pipes

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Photog Life January Featured Photographer ~ Stephanie Pipes



It is time to meet our January 2019 featured Photographer, Stephanie Pipes! We love when Stephanie posts in the Photog Life Community because her work is amazing. Check out what she has to say about being a photographer. 

 I started to pursue my passion in photography after having my son four years ago. With being a stay at home mom, it gave me the opportunity to focus on achieving my goals and get to build relationships with others in the same field!(Online forums, social networking, and other local photographers)

 I love to shoot fashion, weddings, portraits, & couples. I would say those are top favorite clients. However, I feel that I really enjoy family photography as well.

 Fuji all the way! Lol

 I would say that I am most passionate about capturing emotion, I am all about the in between moments in life. (I realize this is basically what photography is) I love to bring out what I see in people, and make them feel beautiful, confident, and help them to express who they are in a snapshot.

 I think the most challenging part of photography for me is to not compare yourself to other artists. It’s so easy to feel discouraged, especially with social media like Instagram.


 The only thing that I I wish I could change is discovering my passion sooner in life. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but didn’t know or what form or art I could call my passion.

 I would love to inspire those out there to just go and shoot! Photography has brought so much joy to my life, in ways that I didn’t know I was missing.

 For those just starting out, set small goals. Ones that you know you can achieve, and really dedicate time for your craft! It can take years to learn what it is that your craft. Don’t give up!

 Thank you Stephanie for sharing a little of you to us! We are so glad to have such a talented photographer like you in the Photog Life Community.  You can follow Stephanie here!




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